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GHC 2023 Trend Forecast

We see a lot of trends come and go. Trust us, sometimes we are very happy to see them go. However 2023 is full of promising design trends that we hope stick around for a while! If the trends of this year are executed to perfection they will far surpass trendiness and become timeless.

Major Trend Alert!

The Glass House Collective team has gathered our favorite 2023 interior design trends. We are going to show you our favorite trends of the year so far and how to incorporate them into your home.

Drift of mist built in cabinetry, white paint selection, Chantilly lace wall paint

Cabinetry: Outerspace by Sherwin Williams - Bentwood House


Moody Spaces

Yes, it is a total vibe! There is a lot more to this trend than just dark paint. We're here to go over all of the different aspects of this super cool trend.

Let's start with the basics

Dark Dramatic Paint

Don't get us wrong, we still love the crisp freshness white walls bring, but we are in love with moodiness of dark jewel tones! A huge trend we have been noticing is dark and deep paint colors. These colors create such a vibe. We are seeing this trend being used in powder bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and offices.

Pro Tip: Don't be scared to go dark! First off, it's only paint. Painting a wall is the the "biggest-bang-for-you-buck" when it comes to design. You can always repaint. However, if you get lots of samples before hand, you can be confident in your paint choices.

Dark Stain / Natural Wood

White oak has had its time in the spot light. It's time it takes a back seat to some darker deeper wood tones. We are loving the rich walnut and even classic cherry wood tones. This trend isn't just for wood flooring, but furniture, shelving, ceiling and wall treatments as well. We have been seeing less painted furniture and more natural wood furniture.


We couldn't be happier that leather is coming back! All types of leather; from cozy upcylced leathers to smooth top grain leather in a variety of colors. Some reasons why we love leather: In a sea of fabric upholstered furniture it gives a needed change in texture; It's a breeze to clean up with little ones; It brings character into your home because it acts like a "living finish" and changes overtime.

Leather chairs : (contact Glass House for ordering opportunities)

Overall Style

An easy way to achieve the the moody vibe is to think Ralph Lauren. (examples below.) These spaces include all of these trends; deep dark paint, natural wood tones, and nice worn leather. Throw in some velvet and a few plaid pillows (maybe a whiskey scented candle?) and you've got this trend nailed down! This style is quit different from the coastal grandma, ultra-feminine vibes we were getting last year. We are here for the dramatic change of pace!


Wall Detail

They say the devil is in the details. Well that may be true but this year the detail is on the walls! We are seeing the use of beautiful wall moulding everywhere! Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Home offices, Dining rooms, Hallways. It's a simple small detail that can elevate any room of your home. (It also pairs wonderfully with the moody paint trend!)

An easy way to achieve this trend is don't over complicate it. Use this trend on your entry wall, or bed wall. Doing this detail one wall makes that wall more of a focus in your space. Plus you don't have to do too much work (or math) to layout all the trim detail. Use a simple trim profile. There's no reason to go overboard. Even adding a small pencil mold to a room will have a big impact.


Curves on Curves

We've been noticing curves on everything for sofas to tile. We love the feminine and inviting nature of this trend. A picture is worth 1,000 words. And that is the best way to explain this trend.

Pro Tip: Don't go overboard and put curves on everything. This will make your space feel a little dated, like it came out of the 90's. Instead try this trend by using one sofa, or 2 chairs, or a few arches with built in cabinetry.

Velvet sofa: (contact Glass House for ordering opportunities)



We are all over this fun trend! It feels a bit, retro but also a bit glamorous and yet some how attainable and approachable all in one. We are loving the luxe feel that velvet can bring to a space. Our favorite way to use this trend is an upholstered accent chair. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be afraid to get a velvet sofa, draperies or pillows! Don't be scared of velvet. A lot of companies are using performance fabrics on upholstery and can stand up to the wear of daily use.

Drift of mist by sherwin williams paint, white exterior paint

Statement Stone

One of our favorite things to come out of our Bentwood House was the quote from the wonderful home owner, "Beauty is Beauty". That statement rings true with trends. We love natural stone! There is nothing like it. Whether you are using natural stone in your kitchen, bathroom, mantle, or even a side table in your living room, you truly can't go wrong with the beauty of natural stone.

Pro Tip: Natural stone doesn't have to come with a huge price tag. Try this trend out in a small powder bathroom. This way you can go to a slab yard and find a remnant and not have to buy the whole slab.

The easiest way to achieve this trend add a cute drink table to your space. Here are some of our favorites:

(contact Glass House for ordering opportunities)


Wall Paper

Wall paper is everywhere right now! (Not literally everywhere like in the 80's. Please don't let Ferris Bueller's house enter your mind!) The use of wall paper is more thought out and intentional.

Pro Tip: When selecting wall paper choose what speaks to you! (Don't forget to order samples first!)

It's being used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, behind glass cabinetry, and even in beautiful butler pantries. Prints like florals and botanicals are most popular, but almost any other pattern is gaining traction as well.

Check out some of our favorite patterns and placements.


Layering Patterns

This trend and the wall paper trend go hand in hand. You can bring pattern in your space not only with wall paper, but also window coverings, upholstery, rugs, and pillows.

Some tips to mixing patterns:

  • Use an odd number of patterns. 3-5 usually works best.

  • Start with one pattern that included all of the colors in your pallet.

  • Use patterns in various scales.

  • Place large prints on larger pieces and smaller prints on smaller pieces.

  • Don't forget about mixing in solids. Texture can bring a lot to the space as well.

  • When selecting patterns try to use prints with coordinating colors. Once you have a color pallet, select prints out of that pallet. This could mean a print uses all of the colors, or maybe just one or two.

  • Use prints within the same style. For example a traditional floral and checkered might mix well together but they don't quite work with a Mid-century geometric.

Trending Patterns





Non-White Kitchens

All white kitchens have ruled the design world for quit some time now. Let's get a couple things straight before we dive into this trend. We are NOT saying all white kitchens are out of style. White is classic and depending on how you use it, a white kitchen will never be out of style. It will just not be "trendy". Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about this awesome trend!

Cabinets Colonnade Grey: Olson Dream Home

The Glass House team is all in on this trend. We love mixing creamy / taupe tones with natural wood, and or dark moody paint. Using a variety of tones and textures brings a great amount of warmth and depth to your kitchen. We hope this trend is here to stay for very long time. Here are a few kitchens that fully embrace this trend that we are drooling over!


Sustainable and Artisan Decor

Sustainable and artisan decor is never really out of style, but there is a huge demand for them right now. People are becoming more aware of where they are buying things, and who they are buying them from. I don't know about you, but I would much rather know I am supporting not only an artisans dream to create, but helping them financially grow their business, and not a huge corporation. One of our favorite places to find handmade and sustainable decor is Etsy. But don't ever rule out local antique stores, art festivals and farmers markets.

Tic-Tac-Toe by - Concrete & Copper Co.


2023 Interior Design Trend Spotting


All the Rage

We hope you enjoyed trend spotting with us, and feel inspired to bring some of these fun ideas into your space. When designing with trends just remember, your home should be your sancuary, your safe place. Not every trend will be right for you and your home and that's ok.

We hope you enjoyed trend spotting with us! If you would like more helpful tips to your inbox don't forget to subscribe!

-The GHC Team


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