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GHC's take on the Kohler Heritage Collection

In case you didn't see the launch at the Las Vegas Market, Kohler announced they are bringing back two colors from their heritage collection! We love a bold color moment, especially in plumbing! Kohler's entering their 150th year in the space so they decided to pay homage to their archives. The six vintage colorways that were on the panel were Pink Champagne (1973-1979), Lavender (1927-1944), Spring Green (1927-1944), Sunrise (1953-1969), Peachblow (1934-1973), and Avocado (1967-1979).

Kohler had their customer's vote on their favorite color and the two that won were... drumroll please...


The designers at GHC decided to give their own take on all of the colors that were on the panel to bring back! Check out our colorful designs below and tell us your favorite one below!

Pink Champagne! We paired this fun vintage tub with a feminine chandelier, whimsical wallpaper and you can never go wrong with picture frame molding!!

Lavender! You would think this wallpaper was made for this toilet! This wallpaper is so beautiful and paired with this amazing brass vanity stand - chef's kiss!

Spring Green! One of the Kohler winners! Inspired by the blue-green waters, this can be a standout piece or blend within your design. We thought this sink could make a fun statement in a laundry room! This polka dot wallpaper, the spring green sink and the paneled cabinets are a perfect combo to keep it all visually interesting and up to date!

Sunrise! We decided to play on the yellow vibes and give this bathroom a monochromatic, bright and sunny mid-mod look. This takes us back in time with an exposed shower fixture and walnut mirror - all with an updated feel! How could you be in a bad mood with this bathroom?!

Peachblow! This was one of the winners and we can see why! It's a bold choice but can still complement natural tones. Who says you can't have a bold floor with a bold wallpaper?! In powder baths, this is always a winning combination!

Avocado! Last but definitely not the least! We really let the avocado color shine here while giving a lot of textural interest in our materials! Terrazzo floor, concrete sink, and a handmade textured tile gives this bathroom so much personality!

Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the pole below or in the comments which one or which color would have your vote! Would you ever pick a colorful plumbing fixture?!

Favorite Heritage Color

  • Peachblow

  • Pink Champagne

  • Avocado

  • Sunrise

- The GHC Team


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