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How and where to use different Paint Sheens

When you talk about paint most often you are talking about color. But the type of sheen is just as important. We're going to give you the run down on all things paint sheen. We are also going to give you some pro-tips and creative ideas along the way. Let's get started!

Below are the 4 basic paint sheens


01. Flat

Flat paint, also called matte paint is completely non-reflective. It also has more pigment than other paint, which makes it good for concealing imperfections in the wall or ceiling. Keep this finish in low traffic areas. It's also not a great finish for a bathroom as flat paint is not moister resistant. At Glass House Collective we typically us this finish only on ceilings. However there are exceptions. We'll get into that later!

pro tip: Do not paint your wall flat if you have children. This paint finish is the hardest sheen to clean!

Wall: Custom color match "under water" - Sherwin Williams - Design By Black Line Studios


02. Egg Shell / Satin

Not too matte and not too glossy, Egg shell and Satin finishes are the perfect middle ground when it comes to sheen. Satin has a bit more sheen than egg shell making it also just a bit easier to clean. Egg shell being slightly less glossy is typically less expensive and also covers things like wall dings, scuffs and other blemishes much easier than satin.

Pro Tip: If you aren't sure what sheen to paint your walls Satin or Egg Shell are always great go tos!

We typically use Satin on all of our walls and sometimes our cabinetry as well.

Cabinetry: Bachelor Blue By Benjamin Moore, Walls/ceiling: City Loft By Benjamin Moore- Gable Ridge Home


03. Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss is our go to paint for cabinetry and trim work. It is just a bit more glossy than satin or egg shell. It is great for cabinetry and baseboards because it is durable and easy to clean. It's also perfect for window trim, or wall details because it has a bit of contrast from the less shiny walls.

Pro Tip: Semi-gloss is a breeze to clean up! So it works great in bathrooms especially with small children.

Cabinetry: Pale Smoke By Benjamin Moore, Walls: Origami White By Sherwin Williams - Bentwood House


04. High Gloss

High gloss is the most reflective sheen. It is on the opposite end of the spectrum than flat. This being said is is typically more expensive and also has a more difficult application. Using high gloss can really make a statement no matter where you use it! High gloss is also the easiest to clean. If painting a whole wall or ceiling high gloss is too much of a statement for you, you can always use it on a small cabinet or trim work for that little extra pop.

Walls: Leisure Blue By Sherwin William in High Gloss and Flat- Design By Black Line Studios


Fun and interesting ways to use paint sheens


We hope these tips help you in selecting your next interior paint! If you would like more helpful tips to your inbox don't forget to subscribe!

-The GHC Team


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