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Our Top 6 Green Paints

It's your lucky day, because we are talking about our favorite green paint colors! There are so many shades and hues of green, it can be tricky to pick just the right one. We've narrowed down our top six green paint colors and they range from "is it green or is it neutral" to "yep, that's for sure green".

Our Top 6 Green paint colors:

  1. Palm Leaf

  2. Pinelands

  3. Kennebunkport Green

  4. Rosemary

  5. Pewter Green

  6. Evergreen Fog

Drift of mist built in cabinetry, white paint selection, Chantilly lace wall paint


01. Palm Leaf

If you're looking for a timeless green make sure not to over look palm leaf. This paint by Sherwin Williams a yellow green that can pair nicely with just about any warm wood tone. It does take on a life of its one depending on what it's surrounded by. It will pull more yellow, and feel a little more on the bright side when paired with light woods, and white. But it can also feel nice and rich when paired with walnut tones and darker neutrals.

Pro Tip: Don't be scared of color. Find a timeless color that speaks to you and make sure you get samples so you can see the color in every light before you take the plunge.

Cabinetry: Palm leaf, Sherwin William's - Design by - Kayla Payne

Barndoors: Palm leaf, Sherwin William's - Design by - Hanee's Haven


02. Pinelands

Pinelands is from Benjamin Moores Classic collection. Rich but still relaxed this forest green hue will bring an elegant and classic feel to any space. This green does have quite a bit more blue than Palm Leaf, but still pairs beautifully with natural woods and warm whites.

Walls and Ceiling: Pinelands By Benjamin Moore. Design by - Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle

Walls and Ceiling: Pinelands By Benjamin Moore. High Bench House


03. Kennebunkport Green

Another timeless classic from Benjamin Moore. This green hue was inspired by America’s historic landmarks and is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. With it's cool gray undertone its perfect for interior walls but also exterior. Because of its historical inspiration it pares well with other classic finishes and tones.

Walls: Kennebunkport Green By Benjamin Moore, Photo by Benjamin Moore


04. Rosemary

Sherwin Williams Rosemary, is a great green neutral. And by that we mean yes, it is still green, however, it has enough gray in it that it can work as a neutral color. Perfect for someone who wants to dip their toes into color.

Accent Wall: Rosemary by Sherwin Williams - Design by: Vintage Revivals


05. Pewter Green

Another Green-neutral by Sherwin Williams. This green is just a bit darker and a bit more gray than Rosemary. The name Pewter Green describes this paint perfectly.

Upper Section of Wall: Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams, Design by: Our own Alicia Sly


06. Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams color of the year 2022 Evergreen Fog is still on our radar. This Green is light and fresh with just the right amount of gray to make it work as a neutral. This green pairs well with just about anything and can give you a "trendy" but not "too trendy" look.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams - Architectural Digest


Some More Pro Tips For Selecting Paint

How to know which shade is right

When selecting paint it's always best to order samples. At Glass House Collective we like to use Samplize for all of our paint samples. These samples are 8" x 12" with an adhesive back so you can move them to any wall at any time of the day. We highly suggest doing this and even leaving a couple options up for a couple days.

Samples are also important when paring whites. Most often we like to use crisp bright whites for our base boards and casing and soft whites for our walls and ceilings. When painting walls and cabinetry we usually use two different shades of white to give visual interest. But we also rely on the paint sheen to give our shades of white subtle contrast.

What about sheen?

Paint sheen is an important aspect in selecting paint. Here is a quick list of what sheen we like to use where. For an in depth view of paint sheens be sure to read our blog post all about paint finishes.

Walls: Egg Shell / Satin

Ceiling: Flat

Base/case/trim work: Semi-gloss / High Gloss

Cabinetry: Satin / Semi- gloss

We hope these tips help you in selecting your next white paint! If you would like more helpful tips to your inbox don't forget to subscribe!

-The GHC Team


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