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Our Top 6 White Paints

With 100's of white paint colors to pick from how do you select the perfect one for your home? Not to worry! We are here to help. We've created a list of our top 6 white paint colors.

Our Top 6 White paint colors:

Drift of mist built in cabinetry, white paint selection, Chantilly lace wall paint

Cabinetry: Drift of Mist By Sherwin Williams, Wall: Chantilly Lace By Benjamin Moore - Design By Allison Campbell


01. Chantilly Lace

If you are looking for a bright, pure white. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin more is a perfect place to start. This white pairs nicely with almost any other white. Because it is such a pure white, it will pull out most undertones of any other white that is placed next to it. At Glass House Collective we like to use Chantilly Lace mostly on cabinetry and base/case.

Pro Tip: Chantilly Lace is a "bright white" so be cautious not to overdue it and paint every thing this color. It may feel too sterile and not homey.

Cabinetry: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, Walls: Cloud White by Benjamin Moore - High Bench House


02. High Reflective White

Like Chantilly Lace, High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams is a bright white. We like to use this paint mainly on base/case and more modern style cabinets, because the name states it is "high reflective". We don't recommend using this paint on all your walls unless you are going for the ultra modern / minimal look.

High reflective white paint by Sherwin Williams, White cabinetry, custom cabinetry

High reflective white paint by Sherwin Williams, White cabinetry, custom cabinetry

Upper cabinetry: High Reflective White By Sherwin Williams- SOJO Eclectic project


03. Origami White

Origami White by sherwin Williams is a great white paint for all the walls in your home. It is not as "bright" as Chantilly Lace or High Reflective White, but pairs well with them. Origami White has just a hint of warm gray undertones making it a perfect chameleon color. It works well with cool and warm color pallets.

Walls: Origami White By Sherwin Williams Base/Trim: High Reflective White By Sherwin Williams - Bentwood House


04. Drift of Mist

Don't be fooled by Drift of Mist when you see in on a color swatch. This "grayish" look paint sample will feel like a nice soft white when painted on a large surface. When you are looking for just a bit of contrast between your walls and your trim work, Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams always does the trick.

Drift of mist by sherwin williams paint, white exterior paint

Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams - Olson Dream Home Project


05. Simply White

If you are looking for another chameleon color look no further than Simply White by Benjamin Moore. This paint color pairs beautifully with warm and cool tones. It also works great for walls, cabinetry, base/case and ceilings. It's a chameleon color because when paired with cool tones it feels cool and when paired with warm tones it feels warm.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore- Design By: Life on Virginia Street


06. Pure White

Pure White by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful choice for your walls, ceiling, or cabinetry. But when paired with other white tones it may feel a bit creamy. However, Pure white will reflect surrounding colors. For example if you have a room painted pure white and a red sofa, the walls will take a on a bit of a pink hue. Or if you have large window with a lot of green landscaping your paint may take on a slightly green hue. Because this color takes on other colors be sure to take into account how much natural light and which direction the light is coming from.

Pro Tip; Move your paint sample to each wall during different times of the day. You will be surprised how different the same color can look on a north facing wall vs. a south facing wall.

Pure White by Sherwin Williams - Design found via pintrest


Facts and Tips for Selecting White Paint


Glass house collectives favorite white paint colors, white paint, interior design

Where to start with so many options

The best place to start is to identify your style. If you like more of a modern look go for a white paint that is more crisp and "bright" like high reflective or Chantilly Lace. Be sure to keep in mind how many surfaces you are painting, to ensure your home still feels like a home and not a doctors office. If you are going for a more transitional / traditional look try a softer white. These will give you a more timeless look and will coordinate with many color pallets.

How to know which white paint is right

When selecting paint (especially white) it's always best to order samples. At Glass House Collective we like to use Samplize for all of our paint samples. These samples are 8" x 12" with an adhesive back so you can move them to any wall at any time of the day. We highly suggest doing this and even leaving a couple options up for a couple days.

Samples are also important when paring whites. We often like to use crisp bright whites for our base boards and casing and soft whites for our walls and ceilings. When painting walls and cabinetry, we usually use two different shades of white to give visual interest. We also rely on the paint sheen to give our shades of white subtle contrast.

What about sheen?

Paint sheen is an important aspect in selecting paint. Here is a quick list of what sheen we like to use and where. For an in depth view of paint sheens be sure to read our blog post next month all about paint finishes!

Walls: Egg Shell / Satin

Ceiling: Flat

Base/case/trim work: Semi-gloss / High Gloss

Cabinetry: Satin / Semi- gloss

We hope these tips help you in selecting your next white paint! If you would like more helpful tips to your inbox, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter below!

-The GHC Team

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