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The House Plants you Need

(and How NOT to kill them)

Let's face it, sometimes living house plants can be tricky; you don't get enough light, you overwater them, or your cats like to snack on them. It's time to let your inner plant lady out! We are going to give you all the pro tips for keeping house plants alive. If we still didn't convince you into live house plants, we are going to show you where to buy some convincing faux plants too.

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Before you head out to your local nursery lets go over a few things.

You don't get much light in your home

Good news is there are a lot of great looking indoor plants that don't require much light. What exactly does "low light" mean. Well it simply means you have no windows or you a have a room with North facing windows that not much sun light gets through. For windowless rooms you may want to try a grow light to keep your plants alive.

If your leaves or stems are small, weak, and or spindly your plant is telling you it needs more sun shine.

You are prone to over watering

Low light plants luckily fall into the low maintenance / low water category. Most low light/ low maintenance plants in general really only need to be watered about every 10 days. With the exception of air plants and a few cactus and succulents that need less watering. Try not to over water! Most low maintenance plants are prone to root rot it they get too much water.

Pro tip: Get on a watering schedule. Start with watering every 10 days.

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How to display all your plant babies

House plants create a welcoming atmosphere and they are great to have in just about every room in your home. Consider where you like to spend time in your home before purchasing any plants. If you have some plant munching cats try some ceiling mounted planters. These not only get your plants off the ground and away from your animals but create a lot of visual interest in your space.

Large plants like a Majesty Palm are great low light floor plants that look great in a corner of a room or layered with other floor plants.

Medium and small potted plants bring a lot of life to a night stand, side table or even next to your kitchen or bathroom sink.

[Planter featuring a ZZ plant by Concrete & Copper co.]

If you are looking for some pet friendly plants see the list below: (By pet friendly we mean no trips to the vet because your cat chewed up a leaf.)

- Rattle snake plant

- Rubber plant

- Peperomia Ginny

- Snake Plant

If you still think you'r a plant killer

Living plants are beautiful there no question, but if you can't keep anything alive there's no same in some nice faux plants. However faux plants are not created equal! If you want your faux plants to convince visitors to your home, you are going to need to sped a little "green" (yes pun intended). Here are some of our favorites places to purchase good looking faux plants.

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We hope these pro tips help you in selecting your next living or faux house plant! If you would like more helpful tips to your inbox don't forget to subscribe!

-The GHC Team


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