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Lets Talk Powder Bathrooms

Why it's the best place in your home to be bold with style

At Glass House Collective our team loves to design powder bathrooms that makes a statement! The powder bathroom is the perfect room in your home to make a "wow" style moment because of a few aspects: Powder rooms are on the small side, which is to your benefit for a couple reasons, majority of guests coming to your home will use this room. However, you don't have to use this room everyday.

(Go Bold and Classic! With a simple color pallet you can keep your bathroom timeless but still exciting with patterned wallpaper and flooring. - Powder bath from our Olson Dream Home)

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Because Powder Bathrooms have a small foot print this means you can use more expensive finishes and it wont cost you a fortune. For example the tile floor you love is $50 a square foot, but your bathroom is only 26 square feet. That means with waste you'll only spend about $1,300. That's a big difference if you we compare to a master bathroom that is lets say 82 square feet. (It would cost a little over $4,500 just in floor tile.)

Another benefit to designing a small space is it's totally ok use bold colors, loud prints, and fun tiles and stone. You can't really go wrong with going "all in" on your powder bathroom. The sky is truly the limit, because there's no need to worry about steam from a shower or bath you can select any (that's right ANY) light fixture or wall treatment that speaks to you!

(You can never go wrong with natural stone. As our client from Bentwood House always says "Beauty is Beauty".)

Be Our Guest

Chances are when a guest comes your home they will need to use your powder room. Once they are done freshening up, wouldn't you love for them to say "I love your bathroom! It is so amazing!" The powder bathroom is your room to impress!

As a guest don't you enjoy the experience of being in a unique bathroom? That being said, this space isn't your master bathroom. It will be used primarily by guests of your home. YOU aren't going to be using it all the time. So there's no need to worry about getting sick of a crazy patterned wallpaper.

(Going dark and moody is one of our favorite things to do in a powder bathroom! We like to liven things up with fun patterns and natural woods. - Bentwood House)

Some of Our Favorites!

Thanks for reading!

- The Glass House Collective Team

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